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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 19, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> jumped out the window. i jumped. >> all to escape the flames consuming her apartment this morning. good afternoon, i'm greta crews. that fire in germantown is one of six that broke out in montgomery county overnight. according robinson have the latest from the scene oeagles nest cord. >> i was sleeping and i heard an explosion and i had to leave the apartment. >> residence on eagles nest court in germantown awoke to
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that explosion and then saw fire and smoke inside this three- story condo building. investigators say it started in the lobby and spread up the stairwell to the third floor, forcing residents out to about this. many residents did not think twice, they jumped. >> i jumped off the window. i jumped. >> i jumped off the top, the balcony. we were on the second floor. >> crews immediately rescued others, about the knees and within 20 minutes at the police put out. only 1 persons suffered minor smoke inhalation. still today, many families are displaced. >> salvage whatever is in there luckily i've my daughter and my dog and we are ok. >> for fire and rescue crews, this was not the oy fire keeping them busy. since midnight they battled five different places. news choppers seven captured firefighters in rockville. the owner believed a space
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heater in the second-floor bedroom sparked the blaze at around 6:00 a.m.. a 10-year-old girl ran from a home in fear. >> get out of there -- i can't see anything. the mother went to the hospital with minor burns to her hands. a firefighter was also hurt but on this day montgomery county crews are thankful no one was seriously hurt. from the montgomery county mobile news room, according robinson. abc 7 news. >> > turning to other news, it is feared the death toll in haiti has topped 200,000. they all need it desperately. today, relief workers say supply planes are getting priority over military flights. so that bottleneck of getting food and water to victims is slowly starting to ease. but the u.n. world food program expect it will need 100 million
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prepared meals over the next month alone, and not all the food distribution centers are even set up yet. pockets of violence and looting are also an obstacle. people on the ground in haiti continue to plead for donations and washingtonians are answering that call, but right now the embassy of haiti is overwhelmed and needs help organizing it all. live in northwest this noon with more. >> hi there, greta. if you take a look and see behind me, the size of it, it is really not that big and, frankly, not that able to handle the public reaction following the earthquake. a short time ago, d.c. said they're stepping in to help out. the latest pledge of support from the district of columbia. this afternoon a new command center was up and running at the haitian embassy. >> no one has ever anticipated a 200-year earthquake like we had last week.
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calls and e-mails, etc., coming into the embassy were more they would -- then it would be prepared for. >> d.c. is supplying 20 laptops, phones and lines and training. the center will serve as a place to help oversee and managed the embassy's relief efforts. with more lines of communications now available, there are renewed calls for support. >> it is time that we all put our hands together to make haiti what it should have been from day one. >> the additional support from the city is desperately needed. it comes as the embassy those overwhelmed with calls, questions, and donations. volunteers are still scrambling to sort the thousands of boxes and bags donated over the weekend. they hope to get t first shipment out later this week. this afternoon the haitian embassy is now asking for only cash donations, but the new commd center needs volunteers -- people to answer the phones,
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translate, and help coordinate a seemingly endless to do list. volunteer here at the command center -- which posted a link on our website, and one other note, coming up at 4:30 p.m., they are planning a prayer vigil that would include a moment of silence at 4:33 p.m., the exact moment we go where the earthquake struck. >> thank you very much. it turns out the silver spring man has been pulled out of the rubble and he said he is going back to the earthquake zone. rescuers pulled richard santos 50 hours after results of collapse. the employee tells wtop that he wants to help out with relief efforts. he says haiti was turning a corner but the earthquake devastated that and the nation needs to be rebuilt. abc 7 is teaming up with organization save the children to help the youngest victims. every single penny of year
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donations will go to that effort. log on to, keyword help. mild weather sticks around for one more day. we will be in the 50's again today. but it is still winter. adam caskey, a beekeeper reminding us. >> i think mother nature will keep reminding us. we will have a way to remix at this point -- mainly thursday night into early friday. probably not a big deal. if it does happen, it could be minor accumulations. another nice day, kind of like yesterday. we got rid of the morning clouds and sprinkles and now temperatures are on the way up. 50 in the district, rockwell, 52. brandywine, 53. -- rockville, 52. sunshine, a few scattered clouds. lows in t mid 50's, 11 degrees above average. temperatures are going to take a nosedive later this week, -- this week.
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we will talk about that coming up. the fbi reportedly violated the law collecting thousands of u.s. phone records during the bush administration. according to the "the washington post" agency invoked nonexistent terrorism emergencies. fbi officials say agents were working quickly under the stress of trying to thwart the next terrorist attacks. it pivotal day in massachusetts. the filibuster-proof majity in the senate hangs in the balance. it all depends on voter turnout for today's special election to fill the late ted kennedy's seat. could the traditionally blue state turning purple? matt brock has the latest. >> up to the very last minute democrat martha coakley's supporters worked the phones. republican scott brown worked e crowds. >> all of you have an opportunity right now to be part of history to make sure we send
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a message to washington that business is usual is not how would like to do business, period. >> in this race, that is pulled in a president -- >> fired up in the last election. i need you more fired up. >> there is a lot of state. it starts with ted kennedy's senate seat, he held it for 46 years. it would be a huge blow to democratic it lost the, which is why his widow vickie hit the trail at the end. >> we need to continue that tradition by sending martha coakley to the united states senate. >> health care reform. brown would be the 41st republican senator, and up to a filibuster until health care in the senate, not to mention president obama's agenda -- climate change, banking reform anmaybe additional stimulus plans. >> a lot of these measures will rest on one vote. >> and then presidential prestige. the president campaigned in new jersey and virginia and loss. he campaigned for the olympics in copenhagen and lost. and now he has campaigned here.
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playing a role, the weather. wind, rain, freezing rain and snow is on the agenda and that could bring down turnout already expected to be low because this is a special election. political analysts say that gives an advantage to scott brown. reporting on capitol hill, matt brock, abc 7 news. arlington police are investigating it that the accident inside a parking garage. it happened just before 4:30 p.m. yesterday inside a parking rise in the 900 blo of north taylor street. officials say 86-year-old -- spencer was killed when a car hit a security door and continued into the garage before hitting a pillar. if you witnessed the accident, please contact arlington police. a rabies scare in prince george's county where a calf and educational fund tested positive. a calf at the hard bargain farm
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had to be euthanize but it may have, could -- contact with some 150 people since it first went on display december 21. , some including students on an elementary school field trip. >> there were elements of the students beating calves with the bottle, they have their fingers in their mouths and children are pretty good putting their own fingers in their own mouths. if a person becomes a fanatic with rabies, they are going to die. >> 9 students who were exposed at emergency treatment, along with eight workers who were undergoing the five-shot treatment. an annual tradition at the grave of added there allan poe may have come to an end. for decades, a mysterious visitor has left roses and cognac at his grave baltimore every year on his birthday. today is the 201st anniversary of the writers birth, but the mysterious visitor who had always appeared between midnight and 538 and never showed up. -- between midnight and 5:30
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a.m.. costco is interested building a start into the it long vacant shopping store at wheaton shopping center. the county council is on to subsidize $4 million of the cost to seal the deal at wheaton plaza. coming up, but some studies say distracted drive it is more dangerous than dui. now a group like mothers against drunk driving is getting involved. and it urged quickassage of the ship -- a fact of haitian orphans. we will show you a touching reunion for one family and the red tape for others. and the temperatures will be dropping soon. does that mean more wintry weather? the
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>> a new organization is fighting for cellphone-free driving. the initiative called focused driven it is modeled against mothers -- omodel -- mothers against drunk driving. the hope the loss of their loved ones will inspire drivers to put down cell phones. according to a study, 20% of accidents and of talking or texting on cell phones. one claimed the life of this woman's daughter. >> she had a smile for everybody. she just radiated goodness. she was the only child -- and she was dead. >> the driver of a tractor- trailer hit the 13-year-old school bus. the driver told police he was distracted by his cellphone. turning to the budget, virginia is bracing for budget cuts in the face of a $4 billion deficit. the governor said though will be
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job cuts and service cuts. he is also expected to privatize liquor sales and save highway rest stops. he wants to double the fund to more more businesses to virginia. he is against raising taxes. maryland gov. martin o'malley will release his budget proposal today. that state faces a $2 billion deficit. it is reported it relies heavily on funding cuts, layoffs, and shuffling money between accounts. nearly all state programs face cuts. except k. 312 education. president obama is in fairfax county seeking more than a billion dollars for schools. the president has visited an elementary school and falls church of this morning. he wants to expand his race to the top program. the federal initiative uses grants to encourage school districts to raise standards, track student achievement, and intervene in failing schools. president obama used a
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speech on martin luther king day to call for more support for haiti. >> our haitian neighbors are in desperate need. across an ocean, in africa, many people are still living amid poverty and violence. >> and music celebration was held last night at the kennedy center. earlier in the day president obama toward the american red cross headquarters, personally thinking the workers. haiti's or for a population is certainly growing after the earthquake. one maryland couple has been waiting since 2006 to finalize that adoption of a three-year- old. they tell the newspaper they hoped the state department can help them finally bring her home. and they had missing government dock -- they hope the current government and heading will expedite things. it has sped up the process for others. >> how were you?
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>> an emotional reunion in haiti for an iowa couple and their adopted daughter. they were in the final stages of adopting four-year-old aster, who was found safe and orphanage but the children were quickly running out of food and water. they made a quick decision to go to the dominican republic and abc news help them reunite with their daughter. >> all the communication was down in haiti, and not knowing and still not knowing if she was safe. >> iowa senator tom harkin has already helped to get an emergency the set and embassy officials are working to secure visas for the other children already in the adoption process. a second series of storms expected to pound parts of california. a flash flood watch in effect for areas of southern
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california scarred by last summer's wild fires. every storm pounded much of the state yesterday and has moved on thout causing too much major damage. evacuation orders in the los angeles foothills have also been lifted. crazy stuff out there. >> not letting up. for snow lovers, some of the mountains out west will get several feet. >> several feet. why can't we get several feet? >> thank you, i agree. we may have a little bit of snow, sleet, freezing rain. >> the fun stuff. >> very rare to have a pile up like that. we could have the fun stopped -- stuff, when to remix. the clouds are confined to west virginia, west maryland, panhandle and even parts of frederick county. otherwise, lots of sunshine. you can see a time lapse. our camera on top of our building looking into the
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district. notice a few sprinkles moved through the metro area earlier this morning, even up and down i-95 quarter. now we have a lot of sunshine and the day will look and even feel like yesterday. 54 in ashburn, 49 in montgomery village, 40 at quantico. you can tell the thermometer being influenced by the cold waters of the potomac. notice low temperatures early this morning. 27 anne ashburn and of the marine village. a little warmer in arlington -- starting today at 37. low to mid 50's for this afternoon. obviously a big temperatures spread. gog to the almanac -- we should be 42 for the afternoon high temperature. today will be a good tan, 15 degrees above that. yesterday we hit -- hit 56. we had upper level energy earlier this morning. sprinkles along the i 95
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corridor. shiftingurther to the west, right about here, eastern colorado and northern texas where a low pressure system is expected to develop slowly throughout the day and tomorrow. it could bring the winter remix mainly thursday night into early friday morning. the greatest chance for snow accumulation is north of the metro area. that said, there is a chance that this entire precipitation will be translated south and there is a chance that it could told me miss our area and just go to the self and probably skim frederiksberg, richmond, and points south aboard. a few things have to come together. mainly clear skies tonight, temperatures like last night. partly cloudy tomorrow but cooler. but that is closer to where we should be this time of year. closer than normal. and the chance of mixed precipitation thursday night, into friday. could miss us -- but should it
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hit us it could give us a couple of inches. >> you are covering yourself. >> there are different solutions. >> could there be no school friday for some people? >> i wouldn't go that far. >> ok. still to come, a wedding gift, a special gift from an american
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>> in minnesota couple planning to get married is chin has decided to donate part of their wedding budget to help the people in haiti -- planning to get married this june. >> we have some ideas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was the first one. it goes together pretty fast and can have it ready.
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>> we still have the core elements -- the people we care about, we will have us, and the rest of our lives. that is the main thing. >> they donated $2,500 to a group called partners in help, their entire food budget for the wedding and a quarter of their wedding budget. they will have pbj at the recession -- reception but a fu time anyway and i hope they will inspire others. according to a new report, more men are getting an economic boost from marriage. the growth in the number of working wives in the past four years resulted in a shift of who gets the biggest monetary benefit. a larger share of men are married to women whose education and income exceeds their own. back in 1970, the reverse was true. back in 1970, the reverse was true.
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>> we were just saying how nice it would be to get out and jog today. >> one of those days it would be good to do that. but we are going to cool down a lot the next couple of days and the forecast shows mid to upper 30's 4 highs thursday and friday with the winter wheat makes possible. sunday, a chance of another rainstorm. >> thank you for joining us. see you back here
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